How to Choose the Right Fence

Modern Garden Fence

Modern Fence is simply an important architectural element. It should respect the character of your house and garden and complement it appropriately. The choice of material, shape or surface treatment of the fencing then depends on this.

For the term modern fence was often rebuilt fence of expanded metal or aluminum. Which all looks almost same.
This brought a complicated choice for customers looking for a distinctive design, but also a cheaper than forged fences.
The CZECHSIGN studio and our blacksmithing therefore introduced Fence panels of the KOVAR type.
Which brings a simple choice: cheap acquisition costs as with expanded metal and countless original processing options like forged fences and gates from CZECHSIGN.

Since your privacy is also in the game, it is up to you how much you will guard it – this will in turn affect the height of the fence. Otherwise, you will care about its opacity in places that border the terrace or nooks with a swimming pool, and otherwise in the utility part of the garden, where you only grow vegetables, or vice versa you want to show off blooming flower beds.

Fence KOVAR panels – not just for fences

The popularity is growing and the types of our metal parts are becoming more and more demanded not only for fences, but also entrance gates and entrance gates. Furthermore for bars, railings, benches, garden furniture and many more. Kovár metal parts are really used in many areas of interior or exterior.

Why KOVAR Fence ?

A frequent reason why customers choose our KOVAR metal panels is the possibility to choose the exact shape and size, and last but not least, the optical transmission of the KOVAR fence panels. This can affect how much you will see through the fence.

CZECHSIGN Blacksmithing offers its customers a really wide selection of different types of fence parts and forged fences,
In addition to our product range of KOVAR, we also create customized processing of fences and gates from this metal filling. We will listen to your wishes and requirements, professionally advise you and design a specific type of metal fencing to measure.

Choose a classic or modern design, transparency, strength and the material from which each metal maker is made. Individual parts are made of steel, stainless steel or rust type such as cor-ten.
The fence panels are then galvanized. Subsequently, treated by high-quality spraying of various colors according to the customer.

All parts are manufactured in the Czech Republic by CZECHSIGN blacksmithing.