Ours overview of the necessary information on forged products from czechsign store.


Always handle the product with care, do not expose to moisture or low or high temperatures, open flames. Do not attempt to bend, disassemble, or otherwise modify it.
Use the products only for their intended use. Service should only be performed by persons with CZECHSIGN authorization.


Natural wax – a thin transparent layer of wax is applied to the metal to emphasize the forged surface in detail. The surface is suitable for interior use, do not expose the product to moisture. The product should be treated every 6 months.

Blacksmith black – a thin layer of paint is applied to the metal several times. The surface treatment is suitable for interior and exterior. It is advisable to maintain the product.

Zinc coating – the product is coated with hot-dip zinc to prevent corrosion.
Especially suitable for outdoor use for longer product life.
The galvanized surface is then applied topcoat.This treated product is maintenance-free.

Heat-resistant paints – an opaque silicone paint layer is applied to the metal to prevent corrosion and to withstand temperatures of up to 650 ° C after firing. Suitable for stoves, grills and where heat resistance is required. The product should be maintained.

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