Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting, DWG / DXF processing, Customized solutions

We offer technology of Plasma and Laser cut piece and serial orders.
Processing of drawings and export of CAD data in formats for CNC.
We produce shapes including complex shapes.

Complete sheet metal processing from drawing to finished product.
Ensuring economic transport of individual and serial orders.


Laser Cut

Cut with minimal thermal influence
Any shaped parts
Precise and clean cut
Material thickness 2 mm – 12 mm
Range accuracy + – 0.1 mm

Plasma Cut

Cut with low thermal influence
Any shaped parts
Common steel grade
Material thickness 1 mm – 25 mm
Accuracy of +/- 1 mm

DWG / DXF processing

Convert Drawing Documentation, Transfer from Photos, Correction Of Drawing Documentation, Redraw Complex Shapes, Burning Pieces and Serials, Export CAD Formats For CNC, Customized solutions